1. 50 U.S. States Dropdown Box HTML Code Snippets
  2. ArtLung Notes (Experimental, 2010)
  3. outline:none to affect IE5/Mac focus outline
  4. How font-size accumulates
  5. Ancient HTML Tidy Tutorial
  6. Preventing Browser Cache
  7. ASP Hello World Script
  8. ASP: CDONTS snippet
  9. selectBox function in Traditional ASP
  10. Auto-Calculator
  11. jQuery Basics (barcampla6)
  12. Blogging Bot (Markov Chains are Hilarious)
  13. Screenshots of an installation of BlueDragon 7.1 for the Microsoft .NET Framework
  14. CSS Blur Example
  15. Killer Bookmarklets I have Come Across
  16. border-style experiment
  17. Netscape/Macintosh Changing Form Button or Submit Input Value Fails
  18. Buttony Button
  19. Big Buttony Buttons on Buttons
  20. Call the native version of a VBScript object
  21. camelCase <,->, selector-case w/o Regex
  22. canvas html render download
  23. How can I change every link on a page to something new?
  24. What is the way to access IFrame's element using Prototype $ method?
  25. Change document background color
  26. Changing the spacing between paragraphs
  27. Checkbox Validator
  28. Circles Crawl and you click them (jQuery)
  29. Clock Concept (1998-2024)
  30. Ways to break a lock on an Access Database with Cold Fusion
  31. ColdFusion: Force Download of File
  32. ColdFusion TitleCase Function
  33. Compare two fields, Submit only if they are the same:
  34. Simple example connecting to a remote server
  35. Copy to Clipboard JavaScript
  36. Super Simple Countdown in PHP.
  37. Countdown to a time of the day every day (PHP)
  38. Countdown in to the first of the month in PHP
  39. crossdomain.xml
  40. CSS3 Smiley in Color
  41. Fun Detagger Script
  42. RealMedia Plugin Detection
  43. Extract Domain Names from a list of email addresses
  44. dpad
  45. Dropdown Navigation
  46. Setting Dropdown Focus
  47. Dropdown Navigation in Frames
  48. Dropdown Navigation Where Only Some Links Open New Windows
  49. dropdown-submit-form
  50. HTTP_HOST environment variable in PHP
  51. Form action mailto: stinks
  52. first-child-last-child
  53. Font Awesome 4.6.3 Class Explorer (version 4.6.3)
  54. background images in form elements
  55. JavaScript Date Formatting Demo
  56. frames-mouseover
  57. AutoMagic Gallery Listing
  58. Generic Validator
  59. Gettysburg Address in HTML Buttons
  60. goal50
  61. Using GROUP_CONCAT()
  62. How to implement a Forward and Back Buttons
  63. HTML 2.0 - An exploration!
  64. Several Approaaches to Do Image Borders of Different Colors: 1999
  65. Image Hover
  66. Change Form Input Direction
  67. interesting-date-layout
  68. Invisible Unspiderable Link
  69. isEmail() aka is_email() in PHP
  70. Java Tags 1999
  71. keycode
  72. Larger Checkbox with CSS
  73. Make a Unique ID in PHP
  74. mathml
  75. What CSS class names are meaningful?
  76. Miscellaneous Web Files
  77. MM_validateForm() and MM_findObj() functions
  78. Modify The Box
  79. Mouseover Vote Thing JavaScript
  80. Mouseover Vote Thing x 100
  81. Multiple, Hierarchical SelectBoxes
  82. Multiple, Hierarchical SelectBoxes, version 2
  83. Museum Notes (2010)
  84. My first VBScript Test Class
  85. Navigation Function (in PHP and ASP)
  86. JavaScript: navigator.language
  87. What's in the Navigator object?
  88. nonsense-dtd
  89. iTunes Error: The iTunes Music Library file cannot be read because it does not appear to be a valid library file
  90. window.webkitNotifications support
  91. NOW() ~= GETDATE()
  92. Demonstration of oncontextmenu
  93. onunload + window.open = evil
  94. open-graph-protocol-tools
  95. Outbound Link Confirmation
  96. 20 Random Alphanumeric Passwords
  97. php-all-websafe
  98. How to make .php files masquerade as .php3
  99. Changing the color of a form element when it's blank
  100. plusplus (++) a string in php
  101. Quick jQuery Overlay
  102. Quote to DL (Definition List)
  103. random-cells
  104. Random Content
  105. Random String in SQL
  106. This page calls an iframe which calls itself. The question, is what happens?
  107. In ASP, Response.End is like exit() in PHP
  108. Reverse a string, but only the digits
  109. Artlung Rosetta: Comparing dojo, Ext, Glow, jQuery, MooTools & Prototype
  110. Mozilla CSS Extensions
  111. Make an RTF Document with PHP
  112. Compared Mobile Screen Resolutions (old)
  113. Code to make a page that refresh to itself
  114. server side image map
  115. Single Pixel Gif as a base 64 encoded string
  116. six finger ai hand
  117. SlideShow Implementation
  118. slideshow plus! cleaner slideshow which can also move forward automatically
  119. speech synthesis
  120. Show all SQL Server Collations
  121. syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM
  122. Why not to use blur() to make dotted lines go away in MSIE for Windows
  123. Permutations of a set of characters
  124. Random HTML Tips
  125. Onmouseover in a TR tag
  126. Undocumented Linklint JavaScript Feature
  127. Batch File Rename By File Extension in Unix
  128. upload
  129. Compare 2 urls
  130. How to Encode URLs / An ASCII to URLEncoded JavaScript
  131. Giving Users A Preference Widget for Opening New Windows
  132. Vaguely Interesting Layout
  133. Only submit if at least one checkbox is checked
  134. How do I validate a form when the form has an image as submit?
  135. vbscript always elseif never else if
  136. How Powerful is CSS?
  137. How to Make a file with every file on a C:\ drive (Windows)
  138. WS_FTP JavaScript Password Decoder
  139. xml_encode()