HTML 2.0 - An exploration!

What the World Wide Web Consortium Says

According to the W3C site, HTML 2.0:

HTML 2.0 (RFC 1866) was developed by the IETF's HTML Working Group, which closed in 1996. It set the standard for core HTML features based upon current practice in 1994. Note that with the release of RFC 2854, RFC 1866 has been obsoleted and its current status is HISTORIC.

Why do I find this interesting?

			I really dig looking at these old
			documents. I'm writing this in 2001, and
			these were written only a few years ago,
			but it might as well have been written
			in the stone age. So much has changed.

Highlighted Arcana

For good measure, here's an image I found a few months ago -from a time when people were complaining of how Netscape was not the true experience of the web. "OFFICIAL HTML 2.0 - GUARANTEED NETSCAPISM-FREE" - - that's got to make you smile - and make you consider how many innovations have been decried as heresy but end up being quite useful.

Joe Crawford
San Diego, California, USA
20 August 2001 | send feedback
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