Created July 20, 2001

Why not to use blur() to make dotted lines go away in MSIE for Windows

first link | second link | third link | fourth link | fifth link

You should be able to tab from the first, to the second, to the third, then to the fourth link. However, if you use the blur() technique to "take the dotted lines off" of a link, you interfere with the tabbing of a web page.

This is demonstrated by the third link, it has an attribute of

        <a href="#1111111111">first link</a> |
        <a href="#2222222222">second link</a> |
        <a href="#3333333333" onfocus="this.blur()">third link</a> |
        <a href="#4444444444">fourth link</a> |
        <a href="#5555555555">fifth link</a>

Because of this, a user is prevented from tabbing to the fourth link. In addressing a cosmetic issue (legitimate), you have simultaneously broken the site for anyone who doesn't, or can't, use a mouse.

Something to consider.

Note: This is separate from the ability to provide outline: none to certain browsers.